Disabled Heroes is a programme of events and screenings designed to stimulate debate around disability and film and question traditional depictions of disability.

The focus of the programme will be the premiere of a new campaigning documentary, The Social Model which focusses on how disability has been depicted in cinema. Producers 104 films were also behind the Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA nominated hit documentaries Unrest, Notes on Blindness as well as the upcoming SxSW buzz title Being Frank.

Other events include a film making workshop for aspiring disabled filmmakers plus a re-evaluation of British 1970’s disability film The Raging Moon starring Malcolm MacDowell.

The Social Model is a documentary feature film looking at how disabled people are portrayed as victims, villains or martyrs and how able-bodied filmmakers and actors have exploited negative depictions of disability to win awards and gain stardom. The film examines the story of 104 Films who are working with disabled filmmakers to fight back against outdated and outmoded depictions of disability.

Disabled Heroes is supported through Film Hub Midlands SHOW Fund.

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