Guiding principles

Film Hub Midlands is committed to supporting a better connected and thriving film sector for the Midlands and all of our support and grants are intended to achieve that goal. We also wish to be as transparent as possible in how those decisions are made and to allow those decisions to be held accountable. Our guiding principles reflect those of our funder (BFI) and their full guidelines can be found here.

Film Hub Midlands leadership structure and governance

Film Hub Midlands is part of the BFI UK Film Audience Network (FAN) and is led by Broadway Nottingham in a strategic partnership with Flatpack Projects. As such it is a project and final accountability lies with the Broadway Chief Executive and Board of Trustees.

FIlm Hub Midlands’ BFI NETWORK Talent Development funding is directly administered through BFI NETWORK centrally and therefore sits outside the Film Hub structure.

How decisions are made

Film Hub Midlands

Film Hub Midlands’ strategy is linked to our current overarching aim to provide more screens in the region, more programmes representing the diversity of cultural film, more voices being heard in the sector, and more audiences for film in the Midlands.

Awards under £2,000
For smaller awards, these decisions are made by an internal panel from the Film Hub Midlands team and assessed against the guidelines provided.

Awards over £2,000
For larger awards, these decisions are made by the Film Hub Midlands team and (where applicable) external advisors and assessed against the guidelines provided.

What you can appeal

We understand that it can be disappointing to be declined for an award. However we will only consider formal appeals against funding decisions if the applicant has good cause to believe that the procedures for processing the application were not adhered to, or applied in such as a way as to prejudice the outcome of the application.

These may include:

  • 'maladministration' has taken place (for example, if there has been an undue delay, if mistakes have been made, or if there has been a failure to follow the procedures in the application process as set out in the relevant funding guidelines);
  • Film Hub Midlands has failed to give you access to information or has given you incorrect advice or information;
  • you have not been treated politely; or
  • Film Hub Midlands has discriminated against you or treated you unfairly.

Please note that should your application for funding be refused you may not utilise this procedure to appeal against the decision if the process has been correctly adhered to.
Any complaints pertaining to the BFI NETWORK talent development programme would go directly to BFI.

How to make a complaint

Stage 1
Please contact the staff member with whom you have been dealing, as soon as possible and in any event within two months of the occurrence which forms the basis of the complaint. The staff member will make every effort to resolve your issue and ensure it is brought to the attention of the Film Hub Manager.

Stage 2
If you are unable to reach a resolution with the staff member with whom you have been dealing, the complaint will go to the Broadway Chief Executive. This should be freely offered and forwarded by the staff member you are in contact with, but you can contact them directly by writing to:

Chief Executive
14-18 Broad Street

The Chief Executive will then conduct an investigation and offer a final decision. Please note For all types of complaint, Broadway reserves the right to having the option of using an external third-party to review a complaint at any time during the process.

Stage 3
If you are unhappy with the result of your appeal from the Chief Executive you can request that it be escalated to the Broadway Board who have ultimate oversight over the Film Hub Midlands project. You can contact them in writing at the below address:

14-18 Broad Street

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Film Hub Midlands is formed as a partnership between Broadway in Nottingham and Flatpack Projects in Birmingham.

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As part of Film Hub Midland’s dedication to transparency and accountability, we publish details of financial support larger than £1,000 made to organisations.

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