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Filmwire October

Among multiple reasons to leave the house, please find enclosed music docs galore, Iranian animation, a fistful of film festivals from horror to human rights, and an inspired mashup of Elvis and The Evil Dead 2.

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Filmwire September

As ever the arrival of drizzle and shorter nights means a surge in cinematic activity, including the arrival of a couple of exciting new film festivals.

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Filmwire August

Although the heatwave has abated the outdoor screenings keep on coming, and inside we've gathered a selection of highlights coming up over the next couple of months.

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Filmwire July

As a heat wave sweeps the Midlands there's plenty of outdoor film fodder to enjoy whilst topping up your tan. But if Swayze isn't your bag there's a long list of reasons in this month's Filmwire to hole up in a dark air-conditioned cinema.

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