We wanted to share a selection of the short films you can watch online that have previously been supported in the Midlands by the Short Film fund.

Over the last 6 years, the funding has supported almost 50 films from directors here in the Midlands. The slate extends through challenging dramas, haunting horrors and laugh-out-loud comedies, screening at festivals across the globe.

While many are still on their festival journey, we can share a few that have now been released online and are available to watch for free!


2023 / dir. Thom Petty
Howard drives his partner Joseph from their farm to hospital to undergo high risk surgery. The unexpected discovery of an old mix tape in the glove compartment sees the masculinity of their forty-year relationship start to yield.

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Catch a Butcher 

2021 / dir. Cassiah Joski-Jethi
Set in a maternity ward in 19th Century India, a young nurse’s first night on the job descends into terror as she discovers the truth behind the disappearance of mixed-race babies.

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Treacle Town 

2022 / dir. Casey Hennessy
In a small Midland town, two teenage best friends commemorate their last night together by camping out overnight in a giant department store - but tensions begin to boil as the reality of leaving each other hit home.

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2021 / dir. Samantha Moore
A metal detectorist’s quest through the Shropshire Marches leads us to a spectacular gold masterpiece, and the leader who sacrifices it for the sake of her child. A glorious animated adventure, inspired by the discovery of the Shropshire sun pendant.

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The Leerie

2022 / dir. Joseph Daly
In 1899, a Scottish lamplighter facing redundancy is haunted by nightmarish visions of an electric future.

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Keep Breathing

2019 / dir. Mark Cordon
A woman gets stuck in a lift with the engineer who’s fixing it, only to discover it’s the man she had a one-night-stand with just a few weeks before. As the awkwardness manifests, it becomes clear they both have very different interpretations of the events that unfolded that night.

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Going Country

2019 / dir. Phillip Stevens
A teenage girl pursues her missing friend into the dangerous world of ‘county lines’ drug trafficking and child exploitation in the isolated East Midlands fens.

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