It is very important that the success of activity is reported back to us, we work with the BFI to measure the impact of funding.

We capture project reporting in three main ways:

  • Audience Figures, to measure data;
  • Audience Surveys, to measure audience make-up;
  • Narrative Report, for the story behind it;

You can find all the documents you need for reporting below.

Please do not amend the structure of any of the templates, as this will impact reporting of data to the BFI.

Note: Major Programmes reporting

If your project is supported by Major Programmes (Film Feels, BFI Musicals), please follow the link to use Major Programmes Evaluation documents.

For projects supported before 2021

As the audience survey for in-venue and online screenings is different, there are separate project logs for these screenings, please use the appropriate document for your activity.

Which documents do I need to use?

Here’s a table to help demonstrate workflow between type of project, the survey and the project log.

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