Film Feels Connected Reporting

We have made changes to our standard reporting requirements for Film Feels 2020, in order to meet the challenges of remote delivery and assessing online events.

We will require you to survey your audience using the form provided below, and then to report back to us about the project using a separate online form.


For Film Feels Connected, we ask that you send your event attendees to the Film Feels Audience Survey here: (typepad survey)

We will share the collated results with you for your event at the end of the season

If you prefer to do your own surveying, we will need you to incorporate our questions into your survey, and to share the results back to us at the end of the project.  Please contact us for the list of questions and criteria.



When your project is finished, we will ask you to complete our project report available here: (google form)

This form will ask you for audience totals for both 'live' events and any subsequent views of your activity during the period 1 June - 31 August 2020, so we expect you to monitor this information when you deliver your project.

You can see the full set of questions required by this report if you click the link above.

You will not need to send us back a budget or project log for Film Feels Connected project reporting.

Major Programmes Evaluation and Reporting for physical or 'in venue' projects.

It is very important that the success of activity is reported back to us, we work with the BFI to measure the impact of funding.

We capture project reporting in three main ways:

  • Audience Figures, to measure data;
  • Narrative Report, for the story behind it;
  • Audience Surveys, for audience impact;

You can find all the documents you need for reporting on projects delivered in venue or physically, below.

Please do not amend the structure of any of the templates, as this will impact reporting of data to the BFI.

Download FAN Audience Survey for physical or venue based activity(pdf)

Download Project log template for physical or in venue project reporting

Please send your completed reporting documents to

If you are interested in finding out what we do with your data, and the impact of our previous programmes, download evaluation summaries for past seasons below.