Major Programmes Reporting

We work with the BFI to measure the impact of funding. It is very important that the success of activity is reported back to us. Reporting is a requirement as part of your award, and you will be asked to submit back to us the following documents before we can release the final instalment of your award.

-Project Log
-Narrative Report (for EOIs only - N/A for Screening Support)
-Final expenditure budget
-Audience surveys

Those documents allow us to measure data (audience figures and activity insights), audience-make up (audience surveys), and the story behind it (narrative report).
You can find and download them at the bottom of this page.


For Film Feels and Blockbuster, we ask that you share our Major Programmes audience survey with your attendees. The survey will be sent to you by our team as a unique URL and QR code to share at the venue and/or online.

We will share the survey results for your event at the end of the season.

If you prefer to do your own surveying, we will need you to incorporate our questions into your survey, and to share the results back to us at the end of the project. Please contact us for the list of questions and criteria.


When your project is finished, we will ask you to complete the narrative report and project log, and send it back to us within 20 days of completion of your activity.

You will also need to send us a final expenditure report, detailing where the funds were spent compared to the original budget. Use your original budget document to do this (or download the budget template below).

Please note: for the project log, you will be asked for audience totals for both 'live' events and any subsequent online views of your activity during the period:
- 1 June - 31 July 2022 (Film Feels Curious)
- 1 October - 31 December 2022(In Dreams Are Monsters).
We therefore expect you to monitor this information when you deliver your project.
We also ask you to input year of production, country of production, and language, alongside the film title, in column D of the project log (film title).

Please send all your completed reporting documents to

If you are interested in finding out what we do with your data, and the impact of our previous programmes, download evaluation summaries for past seasons below.