Northampton Film Festival 2022: Know Your Place is back as a physical festival after its virtual outing in 2021 and has some new events, plus some old favourites, for audiences and filmmakers in 2022.

For the first time this year, Screen Northants, which runs Northampton Film Festival, will be bringing a Film & Television Expo to Northampton, consisting of industry exhibitors and talks for film professionals, and a careers fair for young people and new entrants, at the University of Northampton’s Learning Hub with the support of the University.

Screen Northants will also be screening The Show at Northampton Filmhouse following huge demand when it was screened last year, as well as the shortlisted films from their Short Film Competition, Schools Competition and 48hr Film Challenges. There will be a chance to watch first time short films made by local filmmakers at the University of Northampton and curated short film programmes at the Grosvenor Centre.

Northampton Film Festival has been made possible with support from Film Hub Midlands through funds from the National Lottery. Film Hub Midlands support people to watch, show, and make films in the Midlands.

The theme is Know Your Place…. That means knowing there’s a place for you in the film industry if you want it and knowing there’s plenty to celebrate in Northampton.

Becky Adams, Producer at Screen Northants

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