Season highlights from around the UK

RIP VIne illustration poster

RIP Vine presented by Pilot Light & Live Cinema

A funeral for a dearly beloved social media platform, taking place in Manchester and Glasgow, complete with live acts, social media legends, drag tributes and a 6 second silence.

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We are Parable barbershop at Southbank

Comedy Cuts Barbershop Pop Up

We Are Parable toured the Comedy Cuts pop up barbershop to five cities in the UK, recreating the iconic Desmonds Barbershop and screening black-led comedy films in each city plus special appearance from Trix Worrell, Desmonds creator.

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Some Like it Hot Strum-along at Broadway Cinema

The legendary Tricity Vogue led a ukelele 'strum-along' to a special screening of Some Like it Hot at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

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Pie 20

SCOFF's giant custard pie fight

Scottish Comedy Film Festival in Campbeltown attempted to beat the world record for 'largest custard pie fight', as part of a slapstick weekender that resurfaced Scottish TV comedy gems and a UK-first cinematic screening of DINNER FOR ONE.

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The Marvellous Mabel Normand + Meg Morley Trio at Birmingham Cathedral

Flatpack presented a special Christmas screening of The Marvellous Mabel Normand, a selection of 4 classic shorts from the leading lady of comedy, with live commissioned score from the Meg Morley trio.

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Cinematologists podcast

The Cinematologists embraced Comedy Genius with three comedy-focused podcast episodes including live recorded screenings and discussion of DUCK SOUP and CLUELESS presented by Ryan Gilbey.

Listen to the Comedy Genius finale episode

Seeing the Funny Side

Sign For All, in association with The New Black Film Collective and Women Over 50  Film Festival presented two events in London and Birmingham, bringing silent and classic comedy to d/Deaf audiences, with live interpretation and introductions from Comedian Rinkoo Birpaga.

Films that were available to book

The season was supported by The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) who offered a booking menu of related titles at negotiated rates, available to book for film screenings taking place through to the end of January 2019.

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