Dir. Erik Poppe | Cert TBC | 1h 32min | Norway
Released 26 October by Modern Films
Booking: franksmith@munrofilmservices.co.uk

On July 2011 more than 500 youths at a political summer camp on an island outside Oslo were attacked by an armed, right-wing extremist. Earlier that day he bombed a Government building in Oslo before making his way to Utøya island. In this first fictional movie about the attack we follow Kaja (18) as she tries to survive – minute by minute.

“A gut-wrenching ordeal ... a brutal single-take drama from the victims’ perspective...like a YA post-apocalyptic dystopia, with Kaja a real-life Katniss Everdeen ... an absorbing and moving tribute to the courage of the young victims of Utøya.”

★★★★ The Guardian




Dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda | Cert TBC | 2hr 1min | Japan
Released 23 November 2018 by Thunderbird

Equal parts incisive social critique and nuanced family portrait, the latest from Japanese master Hirokazu Kore-eda.

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Dir. Lee Chang-dong | Cert TBC | 2hr 28min | South Korea
Released 1 February 2019 by Thunderbird

In this thrilling adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story, Korean auteur Lee Chang-dong returns with a gripping psychological thriller.

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Dir. Alice Rohrwacher | Cert TBC | 2hr 5min | Italy
Released 15 March 2019 by Modern Films

Sweet-natured Lazzaro lives in a village in the beautiful Italian countryside, set apart from the world by a bridge that no one can be bothered to fix.

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• The next four films to receive FAN support have been announced in one batch - released from October 2018 to March 2019 - to help with forward planning.

• All venues can pitch for additional budget for grassroots marketing or event activity.

• Regional film marketers will be working on film campaigns in every Film Hub region. You can expect increased profile and visibility in your area as well as more in-venue marketing and event opportunities.

• A BFI FAN Marketing Pack will be available for all films. Designed especially for exhibitors the pack contains event and marketing ideas, copy, images, assets, press and e-mail outreach templates to help effectively promote the film.

• FAN support is going to really focus on developing younger audiences, aged 16-30, for independent films. You can expect ideas and assets, as well as case studies on what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) to help with your own audience development plans.

• Long-term audience development support is available each year for a limited number of venues. Venues have already been selected for this round and we will be opening this support again from April 2019

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