A sprint event was held on 25 April at Watershed in Bristol. At the sprint BFI FAN unveiled the new UK-wide season – Art of Action – celebrating the artistry of real action choreography that’s kept audiences on the edge of their seats since the early days of cinema. Exhibitors were invited to join the team and experts involved in creating the season and connect with other film exhibitors who are interested in developing projects.

Speakers included: Ti Singh, BFI FAN UK-wide producer Julie Pearce and Kim Sheehan of BFI Kate Coventry from Park Circus Soo Cole, Director of Fighting Spirit Film Festival James Cox and Theo Morton from British Stunt Register

Art of Action UK-Wide season

This UK-wide season offers an action-packed journey through cinema from the jaw dropping stunts of silent cinema pioneers via the daredevil ethos of Hong Kong filmmaking to today’s intricate dynamic visual choreography. Art of Action will explore the cinematic artistry, skill and craft involved in creating iconic sequences and films as well as engage with the historic roots and cross-cultural influences of action cinema.

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