This 15th edition of Mayhem Film Festival takes place between Thursday 10 and Sunday 13 October at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

This year the festival plays host to three UK premieres, it includes screenings of female-led horror, preview screenings and will take a look back at the archives with a rare screening of a 1967 Russian folk horror. Rounding off the festival is the ever-popular Short Film Showcase and the fiendish film quiz - The Flinterrogation - hosted by author David Flint.

Full line-up information follows.

Tickets can be purchased for individual films or the festival's new 'Frankenstein Ticket Package' lets you piece together your choice of five films over the weekend for just £30.

Mayhem opens this year with hilarious horror comedy EXTRA ORDINARY. A small-town driving instructor with supernatural abilities tries to get through life without communicating with the dead - but the spirits have other ideas. Also screening on the festival's opening day is the brain-twisting DANIEL ISN'T REAL, in which a deeply troubled student summons his childhood 'imaginary' friend but his grip on reality slips as the malignant alter ego unleashes a vicious, evil side.

From the producers of hallucinatory fever dream MANDY (a sell-out at Mayhem 2018) comes the most sought-after – and similarly psychedelic - genre film of the year, Richard Stanley's COLOUR OUT OF SPACE screening on Friday 11 October. This eerie H.P. Lovecraft adaptation sees a meteor fall to earth and onto the property of a New England family — its increasingly unhinged patriarch played by the one-and-only Nicolas Cage — with insidious and delirious results. It's a double-helping of Cage this year as his 1989 cult black comedy VAMPIRE'S KISS takes the coveted Saturday late-night slot - it's Nic Cage at his full-powered, cockroach-eating, and utterly insane best.

The three UK premieres include exclusive first screenings of high-octane serial killer thriller THE GANGSTER, THE COP, THE DEVIL, Polish historical drama SWORD OF GOD (THE MUTE) and outrageous survival horror THE POOL.

Mayhem also presents a rare screening of 1967 Russian folk horror VIY and 1987's cult sci-fi favourite THE HIDDEN, featuring a standout performance from Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan as an alien-hunting FBI agent.

Mayhem 2019's final day will begin with the unclassifiable BULLETS OF JUSTICEB. Having created human-pig hybrid super soldiers, mankind now finds itself dominated by these 'Muzzles' who farm and eat human beings – a truly 'what did I just watch?' experience to start off your Sunday morning.

Mayhem's 15th edition also includes screenings of female-led horror SHE NEVER DIED and genre-bending monster movie, SOMETHING ELSE alongside preview screenings of the gleefully explosive revenge rampage WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE!, high-suspense thriller DOOR LOCK, and sci-fi nightmare VIVARIUM, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. Vengeful spirits are stirred into gory action in haunted house horror GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR, and twisted thrill-ride COME TO DADDY, starring Elijah Wood, will close the festival on Sunday.

(Films are all advisory 18 certificates)