Single mum Lina and her daughter Priya have a close and playful bond that helps them navigate life without tearing each other apart. Lina has found a fair way to settle any debate, using the game Rock Paper Scissors. But all too soon Priya learns that sometimes life isn’t always like the playground. This interactive virtual reality piece uses the latest hand- tracking technology to put you at the centre of the story with real stakes. Experience life through Priya’s young eyes and influence the story by playing Rock Paper Scissors against Mum, Lina. Looking back on Priya’s earliest memories, experience the joy of winning and the frustration of losing while learning how the realities of life play a part in this heart-warming coming of age drama directed by Alex Rühl.

Rock, Paper, Scissors the the first VR short supported through BFI NETWORK Short Film Fund.

The Team

Writer & Director Alex Rühl

Producer  Ben Fredericks

Lead developer Miia Remahl

Designer Rachel Bracker

Artists Rosie Summers, Saku Remahl



Priya Davdra

Natasha Lewis


  • 79th Venice Film Festival
  • NewImages Festival