Film Feels is the framework for FAN’s UK-wide cinema season, with its own identity and marketing, designed to reach key audiences and support your own programming and audience development. Our aim is to inspire programming that offers the viewer something extra - whether that’s critical engagement, entertaining special events or rediscovered works presented in new ways - that foregrounds the power of cinema as a collective, bigger than life experience. We want to offer audiences a chance to discover films across eras, genres and national borders, and the venues and festivals that curate them.

This year we are feeling CURIOUS, asking our members to (re)connect with their wondrous and nerdy selves by asking: what makes you curious? What strange films, peculiar filmmakers, weird genres or forgotten formats have piqued your curatorial interest? Enthuse and engage your audiences with your love for the niche and the strange, with inquisitive and intriguing programmes that will stimulate the mind and the senses.


CURIOUS is presented in collaboration with Changing Times, run by Film Hub North. If you are interested in developing a programme consisting of archive film events and repertory feature programmes then head to Film Hub North's website to read more about the opportunities involved.

For more information about Changing Times, visit Film Hub North's website HERE.