We are excited to launch two funds to support Film Hub Midlands members with audience-development activity.

The Film Exhibition Fund and Pitch Pots aims to help the independent film exhibition sector and support the development of cultural organisations across the Midlands.

As part of FAN, Film Hub Midlands has been awarded funding from the BFI National Lottery to reach a broad range of audiences with independent UK and international film and deliver against the priorities set out in the BFI's Screen Culture 2033 strategy.

The fund is open to all Film Hub Midlands members from community cinemas to festivals to multi-arts centres. To become a member, fill in our application form. Please email us if you are unsure whether you are a current Member.

The funds will support exhibitors to deliver audience development activity in line with one or more of the BFI and FAN priority outcomes as follows:

  • Children and young people are empowered to develop their own relationships with a wider range of screen culture

  • People across the UK can access a wider choice of film and moving image, including stories that reflect their lives

  • Funding helps tackle social, economic and geographic barriers for screen audiences in new, effective ways

  • More people can engage with heritage collections that better reflect the diversity of the UK

Underpinning our work are the following cross-cutting principles that all supported activity will need to address:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Environmental Sustainability

All proposals should respond to Film Hub Midlands key priority outcomes, and must be able to set out how they will address the BFI Diversity Standards.