The 2019 Distributor Slate Day’s was a great opportunity for me as a young filmmaker. Although the event wasn’t tailored towards my field, I found the experience to be enlightening and crucial for my insight into the film industry.
The event was hosted at Picturehouse Central. Located near the center of Piccadilly Circus.

Once I had found my seat, I was shown some of the most exciting films for the year ahead. From indie to mainstream, the delegates were shown short presentations from the distributors. The presenters would open with a short and impassioned speech on the films they were showing and then follow with a trailer or a clip. My top ten will be listed down below but a few stood out for me. New wave presented a noir tinged Chinese film called Long Days Journey Into Night. It was Un Certain Regard at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and I was entranced by the films cinematography and lighting. It’s also notable for its final act, which consists of one unbroken long take, shot in 3D. This Caliber of cinema will be perfect for our audience at Kinokulture.

After the presentations were finished the delegates were hosted at the Picturehouse bar. I got the chance to talk to a few people hosting the event and expressed my interest in returning next year. I also got the chance to talk to one of the representatives for film hub midlands. We chatted about where I could possibly go for funding when I’ve finished my script.

The second was from Universal pictures. They have picked up the worldwide distribution rights to A24’s Oscar frontrunner. The Lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. The trailer alone sent shivers down my spine. With Dafoe and Pattinson presenting quite the double act. I can see this being hilarious and bone chilling. Robert Eggers has proved to be one of the most essential voices in American Horror. So I’m looking forward to see how he will follow up his last film, The Witch.

The second day I had the opportunity to meet some of the distributors. Once I discussed about the films to be shown here at Kinokulture. I managed to get a couple of contacts and talked about breaking into the industry. The rep from Universal Studios gave me some great advice on how I can build my name and find contacts. I also got the chance to talk to Fan inclusive cinema who was very helpful. The whole experience made me realise how much I want to pursue film. It also gave me a great opportunity to work on my networking and show my presence within the film industry.

My top picks were:

1. Long Days Journey Into Night – New Wave
2. The Lighthouse – Universal Pictures
3. For Sama – Republic Film Distribution
4. Monos – Picturehouse
5. Parasite – Curzon
6. Greener Grass – Bulldog Distribution
7. Shaun The Sheep 2: Farmageddon – Pathé
8. The Personal History of David Copperfield – Lionsgate
9. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (remaster) – BFI

Thomas received a bursary from Film Hub Midlands to attend the Distributor Slate Days.

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