BFI NETWORK teams in the Midlands, South West, South East are joining up again to run another CONNECT + COLLAB. This online networking event is for writers, directors and writer-directors based in our regions who are looking for a UK-based producer.

The last Connect + Collab event led to the development of new partnerships between producers, writers and directors that we're now starting to see come through in application. The creative chemistry between these roles is so vital to ensuing the smooth production of a film and this event is a great way to build contacts and work out who you vibe with.

Alexzandra Jackson, BFI NETWORK Talent Executive

The event is a great opportunity for filmmakers to connect with talent from other regions, providing a chance to form new creative collaborations and teams to apply to the BFI NETWORK Short Film Fund.

The online event will take place on Thursday 12 August 2021, with slots available from 9am-8pm. Writers, writer-directors and producers have until Thursday 15 July 2021 (11:59pm) to apply.