Through attending the conference I gained some great ideas around immersive cinema and how to engage new audiences. i.e. through theme nights and involving the community in planning an event. This could be designing props for the room, fancy dress, theme nights.

This has also helped me create a plan for our community cinema and I plan to form a network of contact from local community groups and charities. Working with these groups can also give them a platform. For example inviting a local amateur dramatic society to perform a scene from a movie. I realise from the panel talks this is a great way of enhancing the cinema experience.

I am also planning to involve local schools and faith communities to tailor screenings. Off the back of this I have made an appointment with a local school to pick a screening, design props and themes around a film of their choosing.

In addition as our venue is Dementia friendly following the successes of other community cinemas, I believe these type of screenings would be successful. In addition to ‘relaxed’ screenings for children in an informal environment.

Another fantastic opportunity I will explore (having been inspired by the panel/other community cinemas) is to take cinema to the community and utilise the fantastic venues around Oakengates.

I am also more aware of potential funding avenues that may be able to help with screenings and equipment. I now feel part of a Community Cinema Network having met other cinemas at the conference.

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